Levels and Topics


You are New to English.  Basic vocabulary and repetitive practice with short phrases.

Introductory Classes


Beginner. You have Limited English. We will learn basic vocabulary and practice simple sentences.

Level 1 Classes



Level 2 Classes II

Intermediate Level. You understand simple sentences.
At this level, you'll practice using more details when speaking. You will get experience demonstrating comprehension of the topic.


Level 3 Classes III

Advanced. You want to take your speaking skills to the next level. You will be guided to add details to your sentences, while giving you the confidence you desire by describing different themes and creating questions to make you a conversational specialist.

2021 & 2022

US Citizenship Test Test-Prep

All 100 Questions to practice for the US Citizenship Test.  Saying the answers aloud help you retain the information better.  I am always excited when one of my students contact me to say they passed!


International English Language Testing System

IELTS Speaking Test Prep

This test is a big step. Using the latest test vocabulary, we work together to give you